Tuesday, February 22, 2011

miss amelia mae

Remember the belly photos we did for my brother and sister-in-law?
We're now completely won over, more than proud and head over heels in love aunt erin and uncle sintos to one beautiful miss amelia mae chupp!

Little amelia, or "ellie," lives in canada with her amazing parents, so she got to come meet us (and see the ground sans snow) after getting her passport! Least to say, we were immediately smitten. i mean, just look at her! 
Thanks to Miss Mamie's, we got to take photos of our own little cupcake in the bakery!
(although amelia is certainly not without beautiful pictures as her parents are the awesome duo of Chupp Photography outside of Ontario!)

Amelia fell peacefully asleep after a little lunch, so we thought it was a good as time as any to try these next photos:

again, and perhaps I'm biased, but how precious is she?

such a beautiful family

Kyle and Vanessa, thanks so much for letting us take pictures of your beautiful daughter--she's a treasure. We love you guys for so many reasons! And little Amelia, the way your eyes lock with mine is breathtaking. I simply can't wait until the next time I get to snuggle you into my arms again. We shall be the best of friends. And you can always come visit your aunt and uncle sintos when you need a cupcake!


  1. so presh. wish i couldve seen that gorgeous little one, but these pics will hold me over!

  2. such a cute post! Your pictures of Amelia are beautiful and that cupcake sure looks delicious! :)

  3. Love the pictures. Love you guys! It was so fun taking pictures the four of us together- definitely need to make it a more common affair! Thank you so much for capturing such sweet moments. We will always cherish these.