Tuesday, March 22, 2011

britt's headshots

For those of you who don't yet know my husband, Bryan, he's a wonderful musician {and his own mechanic and fabulous chef among other things}. He brings forth tremendous emotion through the art of music, and he teaches his students to play with passion---which is just why I love when we get to shoot events together. Photography is another beautiful artform with which to capture life.

Because of his time spent studying and performing with theater groups and ensembles in school, we got the opportunity to meet a ton of talented artists we're grateful to call friends. When Britt contacted us about driving over from the foothills of Alabama to get some headshots, we were thrilled!

Normally, I'm not a big fan of early morning hours, but boy did it pay off for these photos! {plus the air was cool and fresh and I had so many hours left in the day...maybe this is why people get a jump start on the day!} The combination of an early morning glow and Britt's ability to rock some fierce poses made for a really wonderful start to the day.

But enough rambling...check her out!

I love when we find "surprises" on a shoot. For instance, this velvety jewel-toned chair was an amazing addition to the warm tones radiating in these next few photos. What chance!

Really loving all the lush hues! Ok, I give in...I can learn to love the mornings for this!

I told Britt I just had to take these next few photos....should she ever want to work for Cirque du Soleil.

{and if you do, remember your friendly photographers, pretty please!}

 Don't they just scream bohemian brilliance?

Thank you, Britt, for such an outstanding morning! I'll be honest: before you drove over I was just hoping not to give you the classic, yet awkward, middle school band pic. Then enter stage left: beautiful sunlight, gorgeous hues, vintage props, a striking model and a dress with pockets; a winning bill!

Look forward to seeing and hearing you again soon!

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