Saturday, April 23, 2011

paper anniversary. plus coke and cupcakes.

As we grabbed the Coke and cupcakes we saved from our wedding last April and drove to our ceremony spot for a little picnic, I thought, "Wow! Has it honestly been a whole year?!" Surrounded by sunshine and beautiful blooms, it feels like we were just planting lilies in tin cans yesterday.

And standing in the same spot I committed myself to this man I now call my husband, under the exposed beams with the warm sun setting, a few chills tingled down my arms. I treasure my moments with him; however many I'm fortunate enough to have. This year has been beautiful and I look forward to the coming years with the same excitement and anticipation I felt before walking down this concrete aisle.

What a wonderful first year! From walks in the park to morning market trips to starting our own business--good stuff with not so good stuff--all so much to be grateful for!

Wondering how we celebrated our first anniversary? We kept it simple and got back to nature thanks to a little technology-free weekend at a cabin in the woods. It was a definite time of reflection, relaxation and refreshment--something we plan on incorporating more of in our life. 

As for the paper part, the mister got us paper tickets to see the work of two great Henri's at the High and I painted a little watercolor of a poem that captures the true essence of loving someone for a lifetime. Yes, nature and found me out...I'm a romantic at heart!

Cheers to another great year!


  1. Sounds perfect. love the pics to go along with the story!

  2. Love you both, and wish I had one of those cupcakes right now!

  3. are wearing the same dress you wore to the rehearsal dinner...I think. beautiful. love you both so much.

  4. yes, i couldn't resist slipping back into that sundress--especially with the beautiful weather! i also snipped some of the rosemary at the site to use for dinner that night:)

    love you all and your sweet comments!