Tuesday, June 21, 2011

marietta courthouse wedding: michael and bardha

At the age of 9, a beautiful blonde Albanian girl moved to the states with her family. Growing up steeped in the rich tradition of her family and culture, she was destined to marry an Albanian man. Little did she know that about a year and a half ago she would fall "heart over heels" for an American she met at work.

Michael knew from his first date with Bardha he wanted to spend his life with her, and he was willing to spend the next 18 months proving this to her family. With time, Bardha's family realized this guy was not going to give up! Seeing her daughter's happiness, Bardha's mother gave them the blessing to marry and to blend two families together in a unique way. 

Bryan and I met the newly married Softys and their families inside the courthouse in the historic Marietta square after their wedding. That evening, rain poured down the courthouse windows while tears flowed down the cheeks of family members in what was certainly an emotional ceremony. Fortunate for everyone, the rain and tears turned to smiles and sunshine and we had a wonderful evening shooting wedding photos in the park.

A big thank you to Miss Mamie's Cupcakes, Cakes and Such! While waiting for the thunderstorm to pass, Miss Mamie let us move into the bakery after hours and use her beautiful space for family photos!

As the skies cleared up, we headed out for a few shots of the newly weds before their dinner reservations. The couple really loves the fountain in the square so lucky for us, the stormy weather had cleared everyone from the area so we could grab a lot of really great photos!

I don't blame Michael for fighting for this gal--she is one stunning woman! I think these two solo photos were the only time they were farther than five inches from each other. Their excitement about their new life together was clear.

Congratulations, Michael and Bardha! With the amount of times we heard the word "family" used in just one hour, we know blending your family members and cultures together will be an important and wonderful part of your lives. We wish you all the best!

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