Monday, August 29, 2011

kenny + jenna. engaged.

Start out with a nice, engaged couple, mix in a heaping thunderstorm and add a dash of crawfish, skipping and Scrabble. You wouldn't think this would be the recipe for a fun engagement session...but sometimes when you roll with what comes your way, you get results you never knew you would love!

I recently met the fun and playful Jenna and Kenny in downtown Acworth for a loving, yet laid back, engagement shoot. We started off by a brick wall painted with the classic Atlanta letters of Coca-Cola--very fun! 

But as dark clouds began to threaten us, we briskly headed for our cars and decided to wait out what was "surely to pass over" at our second location, a favorite nearby lake of the two. Little did we know what was forecasted as a 30 percent chance of rain would land us in the eye of the storm! As the three of us huddled under a lakeside pavilion beside a large red and white umbrella (yes beside, the rain was attacking us from a horizontal playing field!), we had several laughs discussing a planB, planC, and etc.! 

As we continued to chat about the possibility of rescheduling, the journalist in me thought to go ahead and pick up the camera and take a few shots. Since I started in a world of newspapers and magazines, my style is not to try and "cover up" what is naturally occurring. It was raining. That's natural and necessary for survival. And so is Love. 

Before we knew it, sunlight slipped past the clouds and came pouring through the umbrella. And if you thought humidity, damp hair and wet feet would stop these two, you've got another thing comin'!

There is something seriously fun about these two!

Jenna and Kenny, thank you for sticking with me during a stormy situation! This rainy evening in Acworth turned out to be a blast, and before the sun popped back out, your personalities really shone through! I had a lot of fun getting to know you guys, being chased by a crawfish and laughing all the while!

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