Tuesday, November 22, 2011

joe + alisa. engaged.

Contrast. Although on the surface level this word describes the unlikeliness of things, on an artistic and creative level, contrast really brings out and intensifies each element involved--like the awesomeness that come from a salted caramel dessert (yum). 

I'm excited to share this engagement session with you today because of all the beautiful contrast involved. Beyond the fact that it was sunny and warm in November, we found several other interesting contrasting elements to capture--all in one new city park in an old part of town.

Joe and Alisa met us at the new Old Fourth Ward Park in Atlanta one beautiful midday afternoon recently. These two are so fun loving and wonderful to talk to, our time together seemed to fly by. Alisa is a strong, independent gal, and Joe brings out the beautiful contrast of soft smiles hiding within her. Together, they're definitely a power couple. And thankfully they were up for any idea we had! In this one particular location, we were able to cover looks from soft and romantic to striking and dramatic. We were even so excited to find a burst of yellow flowers in contrast to the fallen-leaved landscape, we had these two sitting in a ditch! Apparently we'll ask people to do just about anything to try for an interesting shot idea. (Glad we did.)

Joe found this little nail poking out of a piece of wood next to the bay we had them standing in, and I all but jumped (ok, maybe I left the ground a little) at the chance to have Alisa's beautiful and shining engagement ring pop out against these worn and weathered materials.

Joe and Alisa, thank you for a beautiful afternoon. We can't wait to see you again in February for your wedding!

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