Thursday, December 22, 2011

masson family.

To say this family is an encouragement to me does not do them justice. To know people who follow, no, run towards their hearts' calling is a true blessing. I hope everyone knows someone like this in their lives. If you don't, or if you would like to know a few more (because it couldn't hurt!), take a moment to get to know the small family that definitely wins the prize for traveling the farthest for their photo shoot (and probably to see family and friends for Christmas). 

The last time I saw Kari and Jonathan was in France where Jonathan was studying osteopathy and Kari was working as an editor for a language magazine. They've since followed their dream to move to Senegal in West Africa where Jonathan works in a clinic and Kari, in addition to her media work, finds herself learning the cultural differences associated with raising a child in Africa! In a country where there is only one medical practitioner for every 10,000 people and moms are expected to tie their little ones onto their backs, reading about the Masson family's life in Senegal is always interesting! (yes, you'll want to keep up with and support them HERE

We couldn't have been more excited to hear baby Alec was getting to make his debut in the states this December, so we were thrilled to head over to a beautiful 142-year-old family home for a little photo session. Here are some of our favorites from the afternoon!

What a beautiful, smiling boy! Alec had a wonderful afternoon and loved being outside--and he didn't even show an ounce of jet lag! Whether you guys are following American, French, African--or a combination of--traditions, it's clear this little one is one a joy! And it might just have something to do with the fact that his parents are just amazing people.

Jonathan, Kari and Alec, it was wonderful to see you all! We hope you enjoy your time stateside--and we really hope we get the chance to come help with your work in Senegal one day!


  1. Wow, Erin. These are perfect. And I love the post. Thank you so, so much.

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