Thursday, April 19, 2012

johanna + steven. expecting.

Within minutes of meeting Johanna and Steven, I knew we would get along great. We share a love of great food, historic Atlanta neighborhoods and working from home! They are a fun, fresh and loving couple who I just know are going to be awesome parents to one very lucky Miss Emma Rose in just a few weeks! 

Johanna and Steven left the location scouting for their maternity session in my hands, and one evening while out and about, I saw the sun begin to set and turn this brick wall into a glowing orange color. Since the light caught my eye, I got out of my car and followed it. I checked out what I thought could be a pretty neat location with a lot of different "looks" all in one little area. Since I got to know Johanna and Steven over hot chocolate one afternoon (when the weather still called for it and Johanna had the tiniest little baby bump), I knew they were interested in a location that was not too typical--which is good since I asked them to meet me in a parking lot and then proceeded to walk them around to the back of the building.

When I take a step back and look at just how many really precious moments I get the opportunity to capture for people, I'm beside myself. I love my job. And I love how this time of year, when the sun lingers a little longer, there are so many more days to meet clients for shoots. Meeting up with these first-time parents on one of these sunny spring early evenings was a blast. And to say that Johanna is glowing might be an understatement because when she starting smiling, she was beaming. 

I love this next photo of Johanna. She's seriously stunning and has a glimmer of sweet anticipation in her eye.

Johanna and Steven, you guys are great and I know you're going to love discovering your new roles as parents. All the best to you in these last few weeks. Can't wait to meet baby Emma!
{she's definitely already so loved.}


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  1. OMG Erin...These came out so good! You truly are amazing at what you do and such an amazing person! We can not wait for you to meet Emma : ) Thank you again for capturing this time for us and making the experience so much fun! xo