Tuesday, October 23, 2012

joanna + chris married.

They grew up, went to school and met in Auburn, Alabama. She's a vocalist and he works in web design, and as colorful as their life is, they are all about the orange and blue! Two truly Southern gems, Joanna and Chris had one of the tastiest rehearsal dinners, sweetest ceremonies and liveliest receptions. 

When we arrived in Auburn the night before the wedding, we were treated to some of the best BBQ this side of the Mississippi and heard testimony after testimony of how beautiful this couple is inside and out. Before this evening, we had only met Joanna and Chris via Skype and within less than an hour we felt like we had been a part of some of the great stories their friends and families shared about them. And what we noticed most was that each person not only toasted and cheered their marriage, but let these important people in their life know that with their strong faith, they would have an amazing marriage...and that each one of them is just call away and would run to their assistance in a heartbeat. 

To have friends like this is a true treasure, and by the way Joanna and Chris looked at each other every moment of their wedding day, they are one blessed couple. They are playful, sweet and romantic, and I'm so glad we got to know them and capture their lovely day.

I just had to start their post with the photo above because when we talked just days before the wedding, Chris expressed that something that was most important to him was a fun and creative wedding party photo. With their love of Auburn football, I'm thinking this one hits the mark!  

But on to the morning. As I met with the girls while they were getting ready, it seems appropriate to begin the day with a bobby pin photo. As a girl in a wedding, it's the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you're counting before sheep.

After finishing up an amazing afternoon on the field, it was time for everyone to prepare for the ceremony ahead. Whether a bride and groom see each other beforehand or not, speaking vows to one another is still such a big moment in a couple's life and I love how sweetly and earnestly Joanna and her bridesmaids approached the time for her wedding ceremony with Chris.

With the sun setting in deep amber and ruby hues over the lake by their reception, we couldn't help but steal the newlyweds away for a few moments to a quilt-draped hay bale Bryan placed down by the water. I'm so glad we did because I love how soft and romantic these photos are!

As much as I love (really LOVE) all the soft and sweet photos, this is one of my new favorites! Lookin' good, guys!

After a little bit of cake and cobbler, it was time to get down. And boy did they! What fun group!

I'm pretty sure these next two shots are at the top of our list of all time best garter catch!

Joanna and Chris, thank you so much for inviting us to capture your wedding! What a honor it was to experience such a wonderful evening! We wish you both the very best and hope you keep in touch. 

(p.s. we're still thinking about that BBQ!)



  1. These pictures truly captured the day! My eyes are wet and my heart is joyful. Thank you for doing such a great job!
    Kitty, mother of the groom

  2. Thanks so much, Kitty! We loved meeting and photographing your beautiful families! And thanks again for having us out to the rehearsal dinner--what a treat!