Monday, October 1, 2012

rebecca + jay married.

Simple, classic and stylish. Rebecca and Jay's wedding was just this and more on a lovely Saturday morning in Atlanta.

When I met with Rebecca to learn about her big day, she was oh-so-sweet as we chatted over coffee, yogurt and granola one morning before she went to work. She's the kind of Southern gal who looks radiant in a simple solid cardigan and statement necklace, so I was so, so happy to show up the morning of her wedding to find her bridesmaids dressing in just this. (Talk about a set of girls who are more than ready to wear their "bridesmaid attire" after the wedding!)

But before I can even jump into details, getting ready, or even one pretty canary-colored flower, I just have to do something I usually never do on the blog--I'm starting with my favorite image first! At the risk of you not discovering the rest of the beauty surrounding these morning vows, I just have to show you an image that I feel really represents what I'm all about. 

For those that may not know, some of my biggest inspiration for photography comes from films and the way directors can use images to tell a story--even when there's no dialogue. This telling of a story, or mise-en-scene, is exactly what I want to create with wedding photography. With that being said, I'm just going to let this next fun image, taken on the way to the reception, speak for itself. 

Ok, ok. I won't nerd out on you anymore! (But come on, you love it, right?) If fashion and style speak to you the way films talk to me, then you're going to love each and every little detail Rebecca carefully crafted to make her day so personal yet still so exquisite. Starting with this magnificent dress! (And including some oh-so-beautiful florals!)

Love the idea of having a live painting completed during your reception! This is such a phenomenal first piece of artwork to hang in Rebecca and Jay's home! (Can you spot the bride and groom by their cake at the bottom left?)

And talk about a neat favor--Jay is an arborist, so the newly united couple gave out sprigs (or root plugs? sorry, Jay!) of Colorado blue spruce trees with instructions for planting. I don't always have the greenest thumb, but I'm hoping it will be pretty neat to watch my very own Christmas tree grow! (And at least I know who to call if I have trouble:)

With some daylight left after their reception, we met the bride and groom at a top secret location after their big reception send-off. Love that we were able to catch these next few images as they already look so relaxed and content to be husband and wife.

Rebecca and Jay, thank you so much for the honor of capturing this day for you! Can't wait to get your album in!



  1. Man alive, that is one amazinggggg wedding!

    Beautifully captured, as always!

    LOVE each and every shot, but yeah, that first one's a winner! :)

  2. Thanks so much, Tina! They are such a wonderfully sweet couple!