Tuesday, November 20, 2012

lisa + jd married.

As soon as we showed up to the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center, I knew I was going to love discovering all of the details Lisa and JD created and planned for their wedding day. Plumage of purples, blues and greens adorned the couple, the wedding party and venue. A champagne toast followed their first kiss. And they gave out copies of some of their favorite books as favors to guests.

When you know Lisa and JD, you know the vibrant hues, celebratory custom and stack of good reads represent their personalities so well. They are bold, within themselves and in their love, they enjoy life and they treasure their friends. What an absolutely wonderful day we had capturing these characteristics as they started their new life together!

Immediately following the great toast to conclude the ceremony, the sky set ablaze! We just had to pull the newly weds out by the water for this shot!

At the start of the reception, we fired up the Photo Booth! If you missed the fun post on that, check it out Here!

Following dinner was dancing. This we knew from the schedule we created. What we didn't know was that when Lisa says dancing, she means Dancing! This was so much more than just kicking up your heels--this was art in motion. It was such a treat to watch!

Lisa and JD, thanks so much for allowing us the pleasure of capturing this day for you both! We had a blast! 


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