Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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I have to stop and remind myself each week that the new brides I meet with are beautiful and full of anticipatory passion, but they may not be privy to navigating the wide world of wedding planning. Nor should they need to be, really, before the big question is popped. I remember when I first dipped my foot into the planning pool. It's exhilarating! And it can easily become exhausting. You can find yourself treading water in the deep end without realizing how you got out that far pretty quickly. (Although you can probably thank a cushy leather chair at the bookstore and the latte guy. Or was that just me?) 

Between my own experience as a bride, my work as a photographer, my RSS feed and the amazing industry professionals I find myself in the midst of, I get a daily dose of wedding-ness. Along the way, I pick up tips and tidbits to pass along to my clients that will allow them to relish this time in their life instead of wanting to relinquish it. Thus began the idea for the Tuesday Tip: a weekly blog feature to pass along insightful bites of information to help you plan your big day. 

First up is a tip I've collected from one of our recent brides. She's a self-proclaimed type A planner, and I knew we'd hit it off before I even met her. When I received her new client inquiry email, I noticed it was from (names changed, of course). She created a free email account solely to plan her wedding! When I asked her about it, she said it helped her keep everything together in one place and better manage the time she was allotting each day for wedding planning. What a great idea!

Can't wait to share another tip next week!

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