Tuesday, February 26, 2013

tuesday tip: unplug

I recently attended a symphonic concert to listen to and support my talented husband and found myself very much distracted by the number of lit LCD screens I saw and and autofocus beeping sounds I heard. Sitting in the back of a dark theatre, it was all I could do not to notice the person on row two videoing each piece with an iPad held up high. And I wondered. Was he actually there in that moment; experiencing the music being created? 

This idea of being purposefully present in the world of weddings was first brought to my attention via a blog post by Offbeat Bride a few years ago. As we've become a people constantly connected and "plugged in" to our devices, we view much of our lives through screens. I love my smartphone as much as the next person for always being able to have information, directions and a camera at my fingertips, but sometimes it's good just to be present. 

The moments of a wedding ceremony are sweet yet fleeting. As a guest, it's an honor to witness and participate in this time for the couple. As a bride and groom, hiring a photographer you love and trust to capture these moments can allow your guests to feel free to join you. laugh with you. cry with you.

Maybe this is just an idea to spread around or an etiquette of the electronic age for a new Emily Post to write, but if it's something you want to bring to the attention of your guests, there are a few ways to do this as well. Using the wording from the templates HERE, you can create a document to frame and display by your programs or guestbook. Or you could have your officiant make a simple request at the beginning of the ceremony. 

 An unplugged wedding isn't for everyone, but it's definitely an idea to think about for daily life. I've recently been trying not to let my entire day get "hijacked" by devices. Whether stealing small moments in the morning to read or physically leaving town to go sit by the lake for an afternoon, it has been a great breath of fresh air and a huge blessing in my life.

And for those times and places like theatres during beautiful concerts where you just can't resist snapping or filming away,  please be kind to others in attendance and at least go through the menu section of your camera and silence the beeping.

From our world to yours,


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