Tuesday, March 19, 2013

tuesday tip: how to wear wedding rings

Rings are one of my favorite details to capture on a wedding day. They mean so much and there is great thought that goes into picking out just the right ones. During a wedding, I usually hear the same ring questions arise. For detail-oriented questions like these, I thought I'd ask the lovely planner of Pretty Swell Parties, Melissa Bloomfield, to guest blog today. She has some great tips for this Tuesday!

From Melissa:

I remember the weeks after getting engaged very clearly. I had a new sparkly piece of jewelry on my left hand and there was nothing more fun than waving my hand in the air to catch a taxi (I was living in NYC at the time), or signing a credit card receipt, or any other excuse to look at that ring!

But admiring and enjoying your engagement ring--that's the easy part. Then comes your wedding day. What happens when you throw your wedding band into the mix? Which ring goes on top? Should you switch your engagement ring to the right hand for the ceremony? And then how do you wear your rings after that?

Like many wedding etiquette questions, there isn't necessarily only one right answer here. It is perfectly fine to move your engagement ring to your right hand for the ceremony, if that is comfortable for you, but there is also no reason not to keep it right where it is. Your wedding band can go on in front of your engagement ring during the ceremony, and then youcan switch them after the ceremony. The truth is,  if you forget to switch them back that day, who cares, you are married! Enjoy the cake and dance a little bit! You've got the whole rest of your life to wear them the "right" way.

Another option is to have your wedding coordinator hold on to your engagement ring for you, and then put it back on after the ceremony.

For day-to-day wear, put your wedding ring on first, closest to you, and then your engagement ring on top of that. Some people prefer to wear their wedding band on the left, and engagement ring on the right, which is a great option if your rings aren't an exact set, or your wedding band is very ornate or thick. This is really just a matter of preference, and you can't go wrong!

Many thanks to Melissa for offering some great words of wisdom today! There are so many details that go into such a big day, it can be overwhelming at times (so no, you're not the only one freaking out). For a little stress relief, you can put your wedding details in good hands. Through Pretty Swell Parties, Melissa offers everything from day-of coordination to a completely customized wedding experience.

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