Tuesday, May 14, 2013

tuesday tip: removing dress stains

As you walk around on your wedding day in the most beautiful, detailed white dress you've ever owned, you may gather a light layer of dirt on the underneath side of your dress. This is most likely inevitable and it shouldn't keep you from enjoying your day since no one will really see it anyway.

But what if you get a little dirt or stain right on the front of your dress before you walk down the aisle to be gazed upon by everyone you love and invited to your big day?

This week's wedding tip is to add one very important item to your wedding emergency kit. Amidst the extra bobby pins and mini sewing kit, I suggest adding some baby wipes. For a dress as delicate as the one you'll wear on your wedding day, you'll want to treat it with a cloth made for something just as gentle.

For minor dirt and stains, dabbing your wedding dress with baby wipes can remove unwanted spots. If you use a bleach pen, it may lead to discoloring.  On your wedding day, baby wipes can help keep the attention on you and your new groom instead of an unsightly spot.

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