Tuesday, May 7, 2013

tuesday tip: vendor referrals

How important is finding the right vendors for your wedding day?

Tops on the list of important vendors for your big day is your photographer--and not because we're biased! Your photographer is probably the only vendor you'll spend your entire wedding day with, moment by moment, so you'll want to know it's going to be a great experience.

For our business, I always make it a point to meet with potential clients, either in person over a cappuccino or via Skype, so we have a chance to get to know one another. This personal connection and communication is so important to me as a wedding photographer. After we've chatted details and spent another afternoon together capturing engagement pictures, we're practically old friends by the time your wedding comes. Then, as I move throughout the day taking detail shots, candids and a few classic poses, you and your groom will be completely at ease and focusing on what really matters...the two of you!

So for today's post,  I'm sharing five helpful tips for finding the perfect wedding vendors for you:

  • Do your research! If a vendor you're considering has a couple reviews that send up some red flags, consider this person/business with caution. 
  • Ask friends who have the same personality and taste as you for their referrals. Everyone is different and someone who worked great for one couple may not fit your personality style.
  • Try to experience the work of a vendor before your big day. Go to that event the band you're interested in is playing at. And by all means, schedule a cake tasting (because it's one of the perks of planning)!
  • Ask us! We work with, and meet, tons of wedding vendors in the industry every year and we'd be happy to pass along names and info for a dream team of people. We've made great connections and can refer vendors from stationery to florals to design.
  • Ask us! (part II) We'd be happy to send you contact info for recent couples so that you may obtain a current and personal account of how we work...and just how much we love our clients! (This is also OK to do when considering your other vendors as well. Vendors who run a great business delivering excellent products are more than happy to let their clients weigh in on your decision.)

So this is us. Tin Can Photography. We take creative, classic and organic images and we LOVE what we do. If we can help suggest a few other vendors you'll love, please don't hesitate to let us know!

From our world to yours,


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