Tuesday, May 28, 2013

tuesday tip: wedding hashtag

Pound sign, number sign, hash key.

For musicians it means a note is sharp. For editors, it designates where a space should be inserted in print. First used to denote weight, the symbol #, has changed over and over again. Across the pond, where the pound is the currency, you'll find the British and Irish call this symbol the hash key. This brings us a little closer to our current pop culture use of this symbol as the prefix to a hashtag.

Yes, they can be annoying and overused, but from their beginning in 2007, hashtags were meant to bring some sense and organization to the overwhelming characters covering the landscape of the newly created Twitter. By using the # symbol, you can tag and group messages/photos together and make them easy to search for.

After a full spring wedding season, we saw couples using hashtags to do just this. Many of the weddings we captured had cute chalkboard signs, or a variety of other ways, to let guests know what their wedding hashtag was.

As the only camera your guests may have on your wedding day is on their cell phone (because they're relaxing and enjoying themselves as guests of your big day), they can easily take a photo of something fun happening in their corner of the event, tag your wedding and load the photo onto an awesome social networking service like Instagram.

Later, you can search #smithwedding and view tons of great snapshots from your wedding by your friends and family. Instahappy!

**As a sidenote: do a little research to make sure your hashtag is unique so that only your wedding photos will appear after a search**

From our world to yours,

xoxo-E   #tincanphotography

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