Tuesday, June 18, 2013

tuesday tip: canvases

Photos come to life once they are printed.

That sentence is this week's tip plain and simple. As I was first learning the art and craft of photography, this statement used to be very, very true. Sitting in the dark room with only the glowing red safe light to guide me, I watched as my images literally rose out of blank sheets of photo paper and came into existence. If I didn't take the time to print them, they existed only as strips of negatives.

We may have come far in the advancement of photography thanks to computers and the digitization of cameras, but unless your photos are printed, they still only exist as negatives...except now they are called digital negatives since they are handed over to our clients via flash drives.

This afternoon was really wonderful because we got to complete a commission by hanging three beautiful canvas prints on the walls of a couple's home. And not just any couple either. These prints, of places special to these folks, now belong to my grandparents celebrating 65 years of marriage!

May we be so fortunate.

Initial Design Sketch:

Final Product:

These two have served as an amazing example of love and marriage, and they mean the world to me.

Here's wishing we all get to be surrounded by those we love and things that bring us joy!

From our world to yours,


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