Monday, June 10, 2013

walker adoption homecoming

A large crowd of family and friends gathered and pressed against the security straps of the airport clutching cameras, welcome home signs and much anticipation. It had been a long 17 days of waiting for Jessica and Adam to return from China, but not near as long as the two years the entire Walker family had been waiting to adopt little Samuel and bring him home.

This past weekend I got to attend and photograph my first adoption homecoming. It was a neat experience and an honor to capture these images so that everyone close to the family could be completely a part of the big arrival.

Interesting enough, an adoption homecoming is much like photographing a wedding. I was surrounded by so much love and emotion as these people welcomed someone new into their family.

No one could blame Samuel for being a little overwhelmed after such a long trip to a place full of completely new faces, but my favorite part of the evening had to be seeing his face light up when he met his new brother and sisters for the first time. He is completely captured by them. And they adore their new little brother.

I wanted to share a few shots from this event and it has such a journalistic feel, it just calls for a full post in black and white.

Welcome home, Samuel.

Thanks for inviting me out to such a beautiful event, Walkers! As you're searching to find a new normal, know that you're surrounded by a whole gaggle of people supporting you every step of the way.

We're thrilled for this next big step in your adventure!


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