Tuesday, August 20, 2013

tuesday tip: bridesmaid dress

Where is the best place to find dresses for your bridesmaids?

The answer may be right under your nose. Or right around the corner. Some characteristics of the best dressed parties we've seen:

  • the outfits of the bridesmaids match the personal style of the bride and further align the cohesive style of the day
  • the ladies pick their own dresses during a girls day out with the bride. they look amazing and confident because the dress they chose fits their body type to a tea (as well as the style of the wedding)
  • the dresses chosen are from a store that is easy on the wallet of the bridesmaids while still looking beautiful in front of guests and in photos

This set of black dresses could easily work as bridesmaid dresses for an evening affair without breaking the bank. (from H&M)
These five dresses all boast a big punch of style and they're far from anything you'd find at a bridal superstore. I would personally LOVE to have a reason to buy any one of these, and then I'd have a hard time not wearing them before the actual wedding date. (from ModCloth)

First, find a style for your wedding day. Then, keep your eyes peeled. While I was shopping at Target with my mom last week, I saw four dresses in about 10 seconds that could easily be a great fit for a bridal party; together totaling less than $100. You never know what treasures may pop up if you've already got an idea for the overall look of your day in mind.

Happy hunting!

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