Tuesday, September 3, 2013

tuesday tip: food to go

 After you run through sprays of bird seed and jump into your getaway car, the events from your entire wedding day rush over you. A flooding feeling of the beautiful reality of your marriage sets in. And as you digest everything that just may find yourself wishing you had a little more than just food for thought to chew on.

Today's tip comes right from the family of yours truly. Growing up, my family ran a catering business. (So yes, I have been a part of the behind-the-scenes part of weddings for many years now!) One of the things the bride and groom always appreciated was a picnic basket of food to go we packed for them and slipped into the transportation they were using to exit their reception.

You'll eat some food at your reception, but you'll also be hugging relatives, cutting cake and tearing it  up on the dance floor. So ask your caterer to pack you up some boxes of food for the road!

You will LOVE breaking into boxes of the delicious delicacies you carefully picked out for your wedding later that night! (If you don't think you will, feel free to send your doggie bags home with your photographers.)

If this post leaves you feeling full of new knowledge but also with an empty, growling stomach, all of the food pictured above is from Atlanta's own Radial Cafe.

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