Tuesday, October 8, 2013

tuesday tip: heel savers

If there's a will, a Southern gal will find a way. 

I don't know if that's a saying or not, but it should be. Southern women may be sweet as the tea they drink on the outside, but deep down, if they want to get something done, they will dig their heels in and make it happen. And this was almost literally the case this past weekend for the bridesmaids who wanted to wear sleek golden toned stilettos for a ceremony in a beautiful Alabama field.

Whether you're in or attending an outdoor wedding, I was under the impression flats or wedges were the only shoe option. But, as I learned last weekend, there are magical little heel saving pieces from the company Heels Above. These clear protectors slide right onto the heel of your shoe and are barely visible to passersby. 

These bridesmaids wore these heel savers all day, and, after the initial application, I never even noticed them. They were perfect for walking around the grounds and taking photos without gaining nicks, dirt and tears!

Although I'll continue to stick with my flats at weddings, so I can move around quickly and quietly capturing photos, these little protective pieces are a genius way to wear your heels on uneven terrain.

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