Tuesday, October 1, 2013

tuesday tip: party early

This week's tip comes in the form as advice I've gained from from a few brides, friends and just generally keeping an open ear.

Traditionally it may be that the bachelor and bachelorette parties are to occur the night before the big day. Although this may be a great idea for Hollywood and the contrasting rise and fall of movie story lines, it can also open up a few too many possibilities for disaster.

The word choice of disaster is a little extreme, I'll admit, but if you have red and puffy eyes from staying up all night shakin' it on a dance floor, these things will probably make for some disappointing wedding pictures. And that's just the scenario for enjoying yourself with your best buds and having a good time. We've heard more than one alarming story involving accidental injuries that could have left key members of the wedding party (read as the bride and groom) rolling, instead of walking, down the aisle in a wheelchair or saying "I do" with a fat lip.

Have your bachelor and bachelorette party before your wedding weekend.

If you were looking for someone to tell you this was ok, consider yourself free from the bonds of "because this is how it's always been done."

So live it up and party till the sun rises over the ocean. If you and your husband-to-be have elaborate send-off celebrations in mind, go for it! Just consider planning these events at least a month out from your wedding date.

Another plus to partying early is that you get to hang out and give all your attention to your best friends without the stress of completing last minute details or seeing all the family members who have traveled in from out of town.

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No matter when you're planning them, what are your plans??? Let's get some comments going in case there are folks out there who want to do something for their bachelor or bachelorette parties but are feeling stuck thinking about ideas!

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