Wednesday, November 13, 2013

carolyn + kevin proposal

Precariously placed as just a couple of extra people waiting on passengers to arrive home, Bryan and I hid amongst the crowd at the airport with our cameras to capture the big moment.

When I first got an email from Kevin, I was ecstatic to hear (even through just his written words) just how excited he was to ask Carolyn to spend the rest of her life with him. He thought she might be a little expectant around the holidays and the element of surprise was important to him. Plus, after meeting him by the arrivals gate I could tell he was ready to pop the question as soon as possible. She's the one.

As the three of us anxiously awaited for Carolyn to come up the long escalator at Hartsfield-Jackson, we watched suitcase after suitcase roll by, families embrace after time apart and then, finally, a gal who's name matched the one on his proposal sign walked his way with a sweet smile on her face.

Capturing these moments of intrigue, shock and loving embraces was such a wonderful way to spend an evening. Great idea, Kevin. As the reality of what had just occurred set in, Carolyn looked absolutely thrilled and couldn't stop smiling as people clapped and congratulated you both.

The black and white photos just might be my favorite because proposing to your beloved in an airport just seems like it belongs in an old film. Congratulations, you two! So thrilled for you both as you plan to become one.


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