Friday, January 24, 2014

gwyn family

It was really a pleasure to get to meet Dolly and Randall recently for a photo shoot. They're really sweet and braved the chilly air for a great afternoon by the lake. They were also nice enough to invite the rest of the family to join them so we could get some shots of the whole crew. That's right, Dolly and Randall are the beautiful and dapper dachshunds pictured above. It is also pretty clear they are the leaders of this pack. How could you blame them after seeing these faces?

Our own connection to this family is someone you might also know but have never seen before. Josh, the eldest Gwyn kid, is a fellow photographer in Atlanta and has also done some outstanding work with us recently. Normally behind the camera or a computer screen himself, it was fun to get him in the spotlight a little.

But without further ado, meet the Gwyns.

Thanks for such a great afternoon, Gwyn family!


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