Friday, April 18, 2014

flower anniversary

 He didn't give me flowers.

I know. The fourth anniversary is the flower anniversary. Sounds simple enough, right? But he gave me more. He stole me away from the world and gave me the time and space to see and enjoy the vivid colors, myriads of shapes and sweet smells of spring blooms.

My husband has my heart because he knows it so well.

After one of our photo shoots earlier this week, Bryan grabbed the car keys from me and, to my surprise, reported that we were not heading home. He had been scheming and had already packed a bag and had plans to steal me away for our anniversary. It's amazing how renewing a short night and day away can be.

I am refueled and reminded of how grateful I am for our marriage. And for why we're so excited to document wedding days for our couples.

Like anyone else, we need to be better about actually putting together and printing photo albums. Sharing a few images from the start of a new year with you today. A little bit of a different film process than we usually use, but something that speaks to the feeling and experience of our day away.

Happy anniversary, love! May we have many, many more!


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  1. Yep.... Happy Anniversary :-)
    What a lovely place to tie the hammock.