Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reena + Ty l The Westin Huntsville Indian Wedding

Three days, two ceremonies, one couple joined in marriage.

The time we spent getting to know Ty and Reena's families and friends and learning about the beautiful Sikh Indian culture was absolutely amazing. If you think planning a wedding is difficult, try planning two! And yet they pulled it off with joy and had a celebration to match all celebrations at the end of the day.

The colors were brilliant and the henna work so intricate. (It's the first time I was definitely not wearing black to photograph a wedding!) From crispy Punjabi samosas to creamy tikka masala, the food was rich and delicious. The drum beats and energetic music kept everyone dancing all three days, joining hands and circling around.

Of all the great things from this wedding celebration, the best part for us was getting a firsthand glance at how beautifully two families came together. From sharing stories to tea to dances and embraces, these three days were truly spent uniting two full families. What an honor it was to be a part of such a celebration!

Ty and Reena, we couldn't have been happier getting the chance to spend this time with your families and capture your wedding ceremonies. Congratulations!


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