Friday, June 12, 2015

Kristen + Adam l Carl House Wedding

Many times, I find I believe about photographs the same thing the German author Heinrich Heine once penned about music. He wrote, "Where words leave off, music begins." Words are so often unable to completely say and express how we really feel about something. But a painting, a photograph or masterful piece of music can evoke such rich emotion. We use the word "love" describe our deepest feelings for someone one minute and our admiration for a piece of pizza the next minute. 

Both music educators and instrumentalists, these two are quite fortunate to understand and communicate with each other with the unspoken language of music. Music plays a huge part in their lives and will no doubt be a beautiful part of their marriage. It's clear they care a great deal for each other—so much more than I would ever be able to express just using words. It was an honor to photograph such a special day for these friends of ours.

(And a big thank you to my awesome second shooter Jason Hales for the day! If you'll scroll down, you'll find my usual cohort in the wedding party...and the conga line!)

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