Thursday, September 10, 2015

Laura + Justin l Villa Christina Wedding

Laura and Justin right after their Villa Christina Wedding
When wedding guests are clapping after each piece of the pre-ceremony music, you get the feeling you're in for a real treat for the rest of the day. The sharing of vows and celebration of these two musicians getting married was not only gorgeous to witness but also beautiful to hear. The personal touches to their day in sights and sounds made us all gush.

When it came time for the reception, this intimate ballroom in Atlanta was host to one of the best concerts in town. Chart after chart, the players and vocalists jumping up to take their turn had heads nodding, folks cheering and plenty of feet bouncing around the dance floor. 

And yes, the bride and groom joined in on the fun and performed during their own reception!  I can't rhapsodize over all the amazing music enough, so on to the images that are hopefully "In the Mood" of their exquisite day. Congratulations, you two!

the groomsmen outside Villa Christina

saying their vows at Villa Christina

the ballroom at Villa Christina

Joe Gransden performing at the reception


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