Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Andreea + Andrew l Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Wedding

Not only did this wedding unite two people, but it also brought together two beautiful families and cultures. And there was much love to go around.

From a Scottish bagpiper leading the guests to each part of the day to the Romanian horah at the end of the evening, personal touches were intertwined through the entire day. And these two were all smiles from the moment they laid eyes on each other. If one thing is clear from this day, it is the love these two share for each other and what they mean to their families.

As one guest factored and shared in his toast, the amount of miles traveled by all the guests attending this wedding would get you to the moon. And every guest smiled and raised a glass because it was without question they would go to the moon for these two.

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  1. Once you get through initial "I know what's best" attitude of the manager here, you will agree that - he DOES know what's best, and he does not treat you like just some paycheck. During my wedding here, the wait staff at the wedding venues was absolutely the best.