Monday, November 29, 2010

fall family preschool party

Before November leaves us, let's take a look at a festive fall bunch of Austell preschoolers and their families enjoying a hayride, campfire and activities. There probably aren't many better ways to get into the holiday spirit than to spend a morning flooded with the innocence, laughter and delight of kids experiencing new things. I watched on as many of these costumed characters took their first hayride and roasted their first mallow! 

{And I'll admit it, I was so excited about the beautiful day and bonfire, I had a roasted hot dog for breakfast!}
My mother gets the opportunity to teach this ghoulish gang three days a week, and once a year all of the classes and their families are invited to her backyard for some fall-inspired fun!

Normally she is known as Mrs. Chupp-pup, but on this day my mom is dressed as ketchup {for Kay Chupp, you get it} and drives the tractor loaded with pumpkin searchers.
What a time was had by all! Did I mention there was even a pumpkin piƱata full of candy?! These kids packed about as much fun as they could into one morning!

Thank you for inviting me over for such an exciting event! I had a wonderful time catching up with returning families, bringing new brothers or sisters, as well as meeting new ones! 

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