Monday, December 6, 2010

andrew + carly engaged

How could I resist the chance to photograph my beautiful younger sister and her fiance when they asked? (especially after all their help with our wedding last April!)
We met on the campus of Georgia Tech, where these two engineers met, before the temperatures fell and found some great places to shoot around their old classroom buildings full awesome layers and textures.

And as a fun surprise to kick-off the shoot, I may have brought these two a little sweet treat from Miss Mamie's. Who can resist smiling after getting a Cheesecake and Guiness cupcake?!
Many people say Carly and I have similar smiles, but the other thing we share is the oddity of misfortunes (i.e. we're both kind of clumsy), so I just had to include this sequence. Lucky for us, we both found guys ready and willing to pick us up every time we fall:)
   seriously striking!
These two were so great to hang out with all afternoon. They told me they would be up for anything, so when I found this neat rocky spot, they didn't complain one bit when we realized this nice area was created to cover up large dumpsters!

 What a pair! Andrew and Carly both found jobs in their field and are very logically based--and with these two, the numbers just add up! These next months leading up to their wedding downtown in June will be both exciting and surreal as the last Chupp kid leaves the nest. 

Thanks for such a fun and relaxing afternoon...and for going along with all my crazy requests (because you look great!) Love you two!

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