Monday, January 10, 2011

Atlanta snow-liday

Within one week, we went from barefoot on the beach to sloshing through the snow and ice.

And before you label us as "those people," you know, the Southern souls (bless their hearts) who rush out to stock up on emergency supplies as if the sun will ne'er again warm the earth, please know two things about us: 1. monday is our regular shopping day, and 2. there is a Kroger is our front yard. So yes, after much window watching, we too walked over to pick up a thing or two.

And then, to rightfully enjoy the Atlanta snow-liday, we walked over to Piedmont Park to join a whole gaggle of celebrators--sleds in hand. By sleds, I mean we grabbed a restaurant size baking pan and a trash can lid to help us glide down the hills, but no one glanced twice as people were using whatever they could find! The "sleds" we saw were cardboard boxes, pool floats, boogie boards and even some snow boards.

A fun morning well deserving of our grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch! 

Hope everyone had a little childlike fun today!

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