Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sean + meagan engaged

 Our first Christmas as a married couple had us traveling to Tampa on Christmas once the first round of snow and ice cleared out of Atlanta. A little white Christmas was great, but it sure was nice to toss our jackets off once we got into the sunshine state! And when Meagan contacted us about shooting her engagement session on New Year's Day while we were visiting, I could think of no better way to kick off the year for Tin Can Photography than shooting a beautiful couple while barefoot on the beach! Prepare for an afternoon full of sun, sand and smiles!

Sean grew up surfing the waves in Florida and Meagan is a gal from the good ol' South of Marietta (sound familiar?!) When Bryan and I met up with them at Sand Key Park in Clearwater, it was like hanging out with good friends. Sean is easy going and up for anything, and Meagan wins you over with a warm smile that just doesn't stop.

We knew we wanted to shoot on the beach, but the sun was in full force when we arrived at the park, so we drove around to a couple lush spots first:

 one of my favorite shots with that gorgeous smile I told you about (yeah, she's lookin' at her husband-to-be):

Heading out to the beach! Sean was a natural by the water, and Meagan had a natural wind machine workin' in her favor!

I simply adore everything about this next shot! 
"...a cleft in the rock of the world that I could hide in."
Blanche, Streetcar Named Desire
Sean even got to give Meagan a few tips on surfing the waves! I paid close attention as well. Not that I'll be able to use this skill much in the city, but I try to stay optimistic about my travels!

As the sun sank into the water's edge, we wrapped up the shoot.

Sean and Meagan, you guys were such a great couple to spend the afternoon with on the beach! Enjoy these next months of wedding planning. (And thank you for teaching this city kid about sand spurs before it was much too late!)



  1. I LOVE every single photo! Erin, you and Bryan are great and we had an amazing time with you guys!!!