Monday, May 23, 2011

wedding day hooray

A line of anxious brides waiting outside the door. Inspirational vendors with handmade and heartfelt goods. Sunlight streaming through large 100-year-old windows. This is how Bryan and I spent our weekend---at Wedding Day Hooray {an event created by the Indie Craft Experience}.

This was our very first vendor experience, and I could hardly sleep the night before! We had been prepping and crafting like mad to get our set-up and swag ready, but Bryan deserves a special award for his AH-MAZING tin backdrop! I'm glad he knows me so well that he can make the pictures I see in my head come to life! 

We woke up Saturday morning and, pretending to be a hip DJ setting the mood, I blasted some amp-it-up tunes (hope the neighbors didn't mind that early a.m. wake-up call!). Bryan went along with my ecstatic attitude and even danced a little with me. Setting up at Ambient Plus Studio and meeting other creatives was a blast! One in particular we were excited to see was our fabulous booth partner, Miss Mamie---check out our display!

Yes, we certainly didn't mind sharing a booth with the gorgeous gal who brought tons of mini cupcake samples! But we also made new fun friends with other neighboring vendors! 

I'm a big fan of stitching on paper and printing---multiple mediums and textures always appeal to me. So when our "across the street neighbor" for Wedding Day Hooray was Morgan Young of Miss Wyolene, we were thrilled to make her acquaintance. And I was excited to see another awesome and supportive husband (also named Morgan) in the room! We may just need a wedding to shoot in South Carolina so we can visit with them again.

We also loved meeting Tobi Weldon of Ivey Handcrafted. Her beautiful and colorful goods are a perfect match to her fun personality!

How cute are these custom cake toppers by Oyama Art?

And the sweet graphic design and display by Jessica of a darling day was brightened even more so by her lovely self:

While DJ Zano mixed it up with his collection of vinyl and ReShanda of the Perfect Bartender mixed together some sweet drinks, a table decor competition was also ongoing. Guests had the weekend to vote on their pick for best design, and the competition was fierce:

A beautiful vintage spread was created by Four Inch Fold Vintage Rentals in collaboration with Lucky + Lovely & Ciao Bella Weddings

Inspired? Yes. Maybe even a little tired. But what a unique event to be a part of! Thanks, ICE Atlanta, for having us out!

And an additional HUGE thank you to my most wonderful husband for taking all the photos in this post while I chatted with brides, laughed with Mamie and sipped a little sangria:)


  1. wonderful post :) I loved meeting you guys at the show! Love meeting new friends at shows - always my most fave things about doing shows! xo

  2. Awww yay!!! We're all kindred spirits. LOVELY pictures! You really captured the day. :)

  3. thanks ladies! wonderful to meet you both! good to have new crafty friends!