Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the casey family + honor turns one

There is something beautiful about a town where the owner of the coffee shop knows what book you're reading, the cook at the local rib shack waves as you walk in and directions are given based on turns by old, large trees. A place where rows of corn stalks give way to white-tipped stems of cotton. It was in this place, in the foothills of Alabama, that I dug up scoops for the university paper, sat in the dark room developing film for hours and turned page after page reading novels on my front porch. And it was also "'round these parts" that I met the man I now call my husband. Although both of us are "city mice" at heart, we're both also thankful to call this place, Jacksonville, Alabama, another home.

Now that I've given a little insight into our life, I should really shine some light onto one of the beautiful families we met during our years in Jacksonville: the Caseys. Zack and Brittany both lead worship EaglePoint--an old barn turned church. They are beautiful and passionate people who truly have a gift when it comes to music. And in the time we've known them, we've gotten to watch their family double in size! When baby Honor turned one, it was a privilege to hit the dusty trail and drive over to document this time in their lives. To add to this excitement, my wonderful sister-in-law Vanessa, of Chupp Photography in Canada, was visiting and came along as my second shooter! We were able to capture Honor (and her wonderful family) just days before she started walking completely on her own--what a unique perspective in the process!

Precious little Honor looks like such the porcelain doll with her fair skin and bright crystal blue eyes. Plus, she already has a huge collection of headbands I'm jealous of!

Down by a small creek, we just had to grab some family shots with big brother Asher and Honor's awesome parents. 

A little something I've learned along the way about photographing kids is something I call the success of a Scooby snack! At a wedding recently, I noticed a couple of kids sitting calmly through a ceremony...a little too calmly perhaps. At a closer look, the mom was quietly handing out goldfish crackers! This must be a trick moms know and play well as Asher's eyes perked up at the site of a bag of jelly beans dangling in front of him! (note taken)

I can't thank you guys enough for inviting us out and lasting so long in the heat of the day! Your family is an absolute joy and I hope to see you again soon! (As we'll need an excuse to snack on smokey ribs and fried pickles!)

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