Wednesday, July 6, 2011

josh + corinne. engaged.

Although Bryan and I got the chance to meet Josh only just a month ago, Corinne and I met about a decade ago prior to attending colleges in separate states. But it wasn't until a few years later until we really bonded. Corinne and I both share a love for a second home: Montpellier, France. After my undergrad, I worked there, falling in love with the city and the culture, for about 7 months.  There were late afternoons when I would just pack a book and camera in my 'sac' and traipse across cobblestoned streets until I discovered a new quiet spot to sit for hours. Soaking up the way of life here was invigorating. Especially if it included a 'cafe' or glass of red regional grapes.

Who knew that a year later, Corinne would be teaching a summer course in this same city! (she's the talented 'professeur') This was clearly a sign for me to visit (and share our favorite spots). Spending time with her in Montpellier was like meeting up with old friends whom distance can't separate. Our new Francophile-based friendship, and love for travel, took off! We've ridden the rails several times since then with our dearest friend Lauren, and I certainly hope the adventures continue (with spouses onboard, of course!)

But first, the adventure of marriage begins:)
It was a complete honor to get to meet up with these two for an early evening engagement shoot recently. When you get to spend time with friends AND get to do what you love, that's always a plus in my book. After several thunderstorms, we finally found a beautiful day with warm sunlight and some lush greens. And Bryan and I got to see just how well these two compliment each other and fit together. 

These two are so relaxed and comfortable together. I loved watching them make each other laugh!

As the sun began to set, we were really excited to get these last few shots! Watching the sun go down in Freedom Park was just beautiful. 

Josh and Corinne, thanks so much for a wonderful evening--it was worth every bug bite I acquired! And we really enjoyed getting to have dinner with you afterwards. Can't wait till December! 

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