Sunday, October 16, 2011

lauren + robby. married.

Less than two hours outside Atlanta, Bryan and I found ourselves in the scenic fresh air of Blackstock Vineyards and Winery in Dahlonega to capture the wedding of Lauren and Robby. With rolling hills in our foreground, rows upon rows of sweet North Georgia grapevines fell and rose until mountains took over and swept across the backdrop. What a view!

And what a couple. Lauren and Robby pair together just as beautifully as the vineyard's Rocking Chair Red with the lovely sunset reception dinner held on the grounds. It's my understanding these two began their relationship when Lauren began renting movie after movie from the video store where Robby used to work. They had quite the "meet cute" and their laid back and lovable personalities joined together so easily. The vineyard was a perfect choice to say their vows as this place looks like a movie set right out of a romantic film! So as you can imagine...we have just a few photos to share from such a beautiful day! (And even a few more than usual as we had an extra assistant with us taking a few shots as well---thanks Jan!)

I met the girls at the cottage on the grounds, where Lauren changed into her beautiful, sheathy (is this actually a word? because it should be!) white dress. I find it a privilege to join and accompany a family on such an important day in someone's life. In this way, I'm often more than just a photographer on a wedding day. When Lauren turned to me and asked which shoes said, "I do," I was honored. And it was a hands-down decision once she put on this stunning set, each topped with a floppy rosette!

Be sure to check out everyone else's footwear for the day as well. Lauren had her bridesmaids each pick out their own shoes for the day. What a wonderful way to pull in each of her friends' unique personalities! 

After a few photos on the grounds, the guys were to wait in the cellar before the ceremony. How could we resist some shots here?! It was a bit dark and damp, but with a little extra lighting, these guys nailed an awesome shot!

Above ground, the sun was falling towards the mountaintops and Lauren's aunts and soon-to-be sister-in-law created some beautiful flower arrangements for the reception tables. There must be something in that fresh mountain air because no one was worried or frazzled and everything was completed just in time for the ceremony (where Lauren surprised everyone by making a grand entrance through the vineyard to "The Imperial March" from Star Wars followed by the classic wedding march)! 

Just married, we were so thrilled Lauren and Robby grabbed a quick bite to eat and then took a few minutes away from their reception to have a few couple portraits taken. The light was sinking into a golden, romantic hue and they got a few minutes just to revel in the start of a new life together. (Plus if you hang with me, I finished this post with a super striking photo of Lauren just before the sun faded to stars!)

After a few toasts to the bride and groom, the air was cool and the dance floor got hot!

Is she gorgeous or is she gorgeous?! Sorry fellas, she's Mrs. Murphy now! Cheers to the new couple and the wonderful wedding day starting a new life together! Hope to see you guys again soon (I hear good pizza calling our name)!

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