Wednesday, October 26, 2011

cassie + mike. engaged.

Who said band nerds can't be cool?! If Bryan and I have yet to convince you (ha!), then look no further than the talented, amazing and recently engaged Michael and Cassie! Now, I won't get into too many old stories, but it is always interesting to see how our lives intersect and weave together to form some really beautiful tapestry work. Bryan first met Michael in a summer marching music ensemble, and I first met Cassie in our college band. Fast forward a number of years I dare not mention to present day. We met up with Mike and Cassie for an engagement session at Fontaine's in the Virginia Highlands, a place where they hung out a few times as their new relationship was forming. (A big thanks to the folks here who let us move our shoot indoors when we felt raindrops on our heads!) 

The two people we once knew separately are now a combined dynamic couple with a force to be reckoned with. And they had us smiling the entire time!

We know, Mike! She has that je ne sais quoi that's going to land her in a future blockbuster! Seriously, Cassie, you're an armed and dangerous kind of gorgeous. And the way Mike can make you laugh out loud? It's just perfect.

We love when couples incorporate places or props that are unique and special to them, but Cassie and Mike far exceeded our expectations! Because Mike's work keeps him glued to his instrument (you've heard of a little group called the Boston Symphony Orchestra?!!) he developed this next "story sequence" of photos to hilariously depict Cassie's patience, or perhaps the occasional lack thereof, with the relationship between a musician and his horn. Love it!

As dark clouds rolled in an early evening, we grabbed a few more dramatic city shots before it was burrito time. And because these two are super serious about their love for Chipotle (can you blame them?!) we couldn't help but snap a few journalistic shots depicting a regular evening in their life in Boston. Well, at least once a week!

Cassie and Mike, thanks so much for taking some time out of your trip to Georgia for a photo shoot! Cheers to you both as you plan this great adventure together! Your enthusiasm for life and excitement for each other is a contagious joy spread to all you meet--either in person or through music!

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