Thursday, October 27, 2011

wallace family.

Meet the Wallaces--a league of extraordinary family members! I've had the privilege of knowing Jim and Dean and their clan for just over a decade now, and in these last ten years I've laughed at many stories, heard a lot beautiful music and seen them grow in size and in love. They are truly top-notch people. And when our wedding day arrived, we were blessed to have Jim sitting at the piano bench and Dean making sure everything was running smoothly behind the scenes.  These two are always doing so much for others, I was excited to get them front and center to capture some family photos recently when I met them in the beautifully designed flower garden of a family friend.

After getting a large group photo, I spent time with each Wallace boy and their individual families. It was a treat to try and capture the different dynamics that make each family unique separately as well as beautiful parts of a wonderful whole. The only tricky part was catching up to one of them! Two-year-old Miss Harper is all kinds of cute...and full of adventure!

How amazing is this backyard (can you really call it something as simple as that)?! We were able to traverse several trails to find tucked away spots for each group to have their own look. I warned the owner he might find me with a good book and a glance of wine in a chair by the stream one evening!

Jim and Dean, you have a marvelous family and we're grateful to call you friends! Thanks so much for the opportunity to capture this time in your lives!

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