Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011: Top 40

Remember when you used to listen to the radio? I'm the nerd who listens to shows like Second Cup, Splendid Table and Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me, but there was a time (yes, indeed, children of the new millennium) when people listened to the air waves to catch the latest and greatest hits and releases. And there was that great list called the Top 40--the year's most popular charts! (Perhaps some of you even remember good ol' Casey Kasem?) 

Well, we've decided to bring back the Top 40 here at Tin Can Photography and pick out some of our favorite photos from 2011! First of all, this was harder than it sounds! (There are many more moments we wanted to include!) Second, they're in no particular order. Third, these are some of our favorites just because they made us smile or captured beautiful, raw emotion (i.e. we have no real judging criteria for this process). And lastly, if you make it to the end, we've also included our top pick of self portraits taken in the last year (and it was a little tricky!). Enjoy!

Wow, 2011 was filled with some really amazing moments! Thanks so much to the most wonderful clients! This process was really cathartic for us, so I think we'll make the Top 40 a tradition. I can't wait to see what next year's list will look like! It might even include you!


  1. so enjoyable to look back at all your hard work! love you cousin!

  2. Thank you, you're so sweet! Love our family and all the wonderful support and encouragement!

  3. Awesome! I think number 9 from the bottom is my favourite! every expression is priceless - what a fun picture!
    Wish you both another fantastic year!