Monday, January 16, 2012

stephanie + scott. lifestyle + love.

In a letter to his wife in 1812, Wordsworth wrote, "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."

We were fortunate to get to meet and photograph Stephanie and Scott recently. Within the span of one day, these two flew in from New York, we walked around the High Museum, perused books in the Bauhaus-inspired Atlanta Fulton County Library, shared laughter and conversation over lattes and Bryan and I boarded a plane to Florida. This kind of schedule might give some people the nervous jitters, but for us, it was a day full of fun and adventure. Both creatives in the writing and editing realm, meeting Stephanie and Scott was like walking around with friends we didn't know we had. In an email, Stephanie gave me the words modern, museum, books and coffee as inspiration for their shoot. It was as if she read my mind under the file labeled, "describe a perfect day in the city!"

Excited to hit the ground running the afternoon they arrived in Atlanta, we knew if anyone would understand the Wordsworthian need to try and put our hearts' palpitations on paper, to record the beautiful moments of the day, it would be these two. In fact, when Stephanie is not editing and designing for a local newspaper in New York, she's busy creating cool cards for her business, Red Letter Paper Company. Do drop by to check out her modern designs with sweet, simple messages. Who wouldn't want to receive this card on Valentine's Day?!

I think I only only overwhelmed Scott once during the shoot when I asked him to pick out a book to read to Stephanie. Suddenly I had a flashback of the day I got my first library card and my mom telling me I could only get as many books as I could hold. Standing among rows and rows of  a rainbow-colored spines, I soon realized my head would also spin if I too had to narrow it down to just a few pages! Not to worry, though, as he found the Greatest Book in the World--literally. Touché!

Thanks for a great afternoon, Stephanie and Scott!

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  1. These are so great! Especially love the mirror reflection one!