Monday, March 19, 2012

alisa + joe. married.

Even though it's been nearly two years since Bryan and I tied the knot, I still feel very much like a newlywed. Each time I capture a wedding, I watch as couples become one and best friends become forever. And yet each couple has a unique something. For Joe and Alisa, it was a simple look that said so much. Whenever they held each other's gaze, you just knew there was a wonderful exchange of trust, love and protection--this was their home--and the beginning of a beautiful life together.

As the guys and girls continued getting ready, we took Joe out to meet Alisa in the courtyard of The Temple on Peachtree Street. We only had about 15 minutes before rain covered Atlanta for the rest of the day, and it was such a wonderful time for these two to spend alone. I love how excited they are to be together.

It's always fun to see the difference between the bridesmaid and groomsmen "getting ready" areas. More times than not, it's usually the guys that have something totally unexpected up their sleeve. Waiting in an old room filled with boxes, I walked in to find the guys laughing over an old game.

The signing of the ketubah was such an intimate and meaningful ceremony. It was such an honor to witness and capture these moments for Joe and Alisa.

After an amazing dinner from our friend Andy Grimes over at Ultimate Culinary (or maybe you've seen his food truck, The Pickle?), having a different cake on every table at the reception turned out to be a really fun way for people to meet and mingle during dessert! Guests were encouraged to get up and try different flavors and it proved to be a fun final course!

After some beautiful toasts, I was just as excited as the guests when the DJ started playing "Hava Nagila." And much rejoicing there was!  The evening erupted into a grand celebration and the dancing continued all night long!

Mazel tov, Joe and Alisa! We loved capturing this time for you, from engagement to wedding, and wish you all the best!

xoxo -E

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