Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cupcake Wars Champions.

Two years ago, Bryan and I were sitting at a white wooden table in the antique chic cupcake shop, Miss Mamie's Cupcakes, Cakes and Such, in the Marietta Square. We were nearing our wedding date and full of excitement, anticipation... and really great cake. Mamie and I hit it off immediately. (Little did we know where this new friendship would take us.) The mister and I brought in our handmade wedding invitation and she designed a custom cake for us based off of our vintage, art deco theme. Her creative culinary skills and passionate drive made her the perfect choice for our wedding cake. 

Shortly after I became a Mrs., I was in the beginning stages of starting Tin Can Photography and the word about how great Miss Mamie's is was getting out around town. Since Mamie felt like we had such a great creative connection, I began helping the "bakeress" out a few days a week. Working there provided a great creative outlet in addition to photography while at the same time allowing me to meet many potential clients. (Plus, I became the self-proclaimed official taste-tester and pastry photographer.)

After all the crazy cakes and confections we've created, the biggest surprise came recently when I received a call from Mamie asking me if I would be her assistant on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars!" (Whoa. Seriously?) What a surreal experience! And I couldn't imagine doing it with anyone but her. From those who have seen the show, we keep receiving comments on how we appeared calm and collected. Really?! Perhaps all of those hard hours in the hot bakery paid off! We were seriously baking like mad women with some crazy culinary ideas! And it was clear to me that I had not worked out enough when it came down to filling and frosting 1,000 cupcakes in the last round! But before we went on the show, we said no matter what happened, we would work hard and do our best--and the rest is victorious history! 

Some of Miss Mamie's customers think we're sisters. Maybe it's because we resemble each other or maybe it's how we can finish each other's sentences. All I know is that she is an amazing friend and a wonderful artist. Mamie often says she wishes she would have known me sooner so she could have attended our wedding as a guest AND a vendor. Who could have ever imagined us going from a wedding cake tasting to a nationally televised baking competition in two short years? 

So that's our short, but extensive, history. Now we recommend each other to our clients all the time. And sometimes she is our client:) What a fun afternoon we had recently taking new head shots for the baking hot shot! (Oh, and those are the award-winning cupcakes pictured up above. You've just got to go by the shop and try them!)

Mamie, you've got a beautiful soul and a face to match. (Although I do blame you for gaining my "freshman 15" after college.) I'm so thrilled for you and Ross and am excited to see what grand, adventurous paths await you. Congratulations! I'm so excited to have played a small part in such a big win. 

(And a special thanks to my handsome husband for the last few photos...and for dealing with how uncomfortable I can be when placed in front of the camera!)

xoxo -E


  1. OH THAT'S AWESOME!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU!! (And of course, I'm not surprised….Miss Mamie's is DELISH!!!) Gorgeous pictures and yummy cupcakes…what's not to love?!

  2. Perfect! Mamie is incredibly photogenic! Both beautiful champions! :)

  3. Thanks, Miss Wyolene! Missed you guys at Wedding Day Hooray this year!

  4. Those cupcakes look scrumptious and these are awesome pictures!

  5. Thanks, Tina! I can definitely vouch for the deliciousness of the cupcakes :)

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