Friday, April 27, 2012

mary kate + andy. married.

Although Mary Kate and Andy had the challenge of living near Asheville and planning a wedding near Atlanta, they pulled everything together for their wedding day in a beautiful way that was personal to them and their relationship. This I love. And to help me get to know them and learn their story, we met up one weekend they had scheduled for wedding planning in the city. This meet-up I'm pretty adamant about with all my clients. I leave knowing what's important to you, what details you love about your day and feeling like we're already good friends.

Sitting by the Chattahoochee River with lattes, I got to learn all about Andy and Mary Kate's laid back and loving lifestyle. I was privileged to hear Mary Kate tell me how she met Andy one evening during karaoke at a local dive. She said when he started singing "Mustang Sally," his unique voice made her spin around in her chair. She went up to talk to him immediately after the last note, and they have not separated since. Their love on their wedding day was undoubted. From teary vows to held glances to an encore karaoke performance, this day was heartfelt. 

Our day began by meeting Andy and the guys at a nearby park for a little disc golf. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time contrasting the afternoon for the guys verses the girls: a little grit meets a little glamour!

I love this next set of images because Andy kept Mary Kate's wedding band a surprise until he slid it on her finger during the ceremony. Overcome with emotion during the vows, Mary Kate did not actually look closely at her ring until we swept them away for a few moments of alone time and couple portraits. It was then she found out her ring was a family heirloom passed down to her.

How beautiful a new husband and wife are with gleaming eyes! After a few quick photos, Andy and Mary Kate created a little time during their day for an intimate first meal together before joining their guests for dancing, singing and celebrating at the reception.

Not only did we all find out just why Mary Kate fell for Andy during that first song, we were also surprised with a flat out astounding performance of "Proud Mary" by both the bride and groom! 

Andy and Mary Kate, thank you so much for the opportunity to capture such a wonderful wedding day! You two are quite the fun couple and I'm so excited to know we have new friends and a standing guest room reservation waiting for our next mini vacation to Asheville!


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