Friday, May 18, 2012

ashley + stephen married.

Ashley and Steven are such a sunny & sweet couple. We met them for froyo to learn about them and their wedding day and ended up chatting for a couple hours (can you believe I was a froyo first timer? now I'm using cool slang and working out all these flavor combinations.) Betwixt delicious bites and talks of trails to hike, we found the beautiful simplicity that is this couple. They love each other. Without bells, whistles or strands of swarovski crystals. Their love is simple, sweet and honest. And so was their wedding. Each table for their guests was dotted with a simple golden gerber daisy and sunlight filled their afternoon affair. Go ahead and take a glance at this lovely bride and her new husband:

Ashley not only pulls off soft and sweet, but looking straight through the lens and connecting with the camera, she's got some fierce glamour in those eyes--such a beautiful bride!

The historic Marlow House in the Marietta Square provided the perfect setting for Ashley and Stephen's sweet southern wedding--complete with a white picket fence. It was fun to watch Ashley hide from her groom's site, yet take little peeks through the slender vertical slots.

And perhaps I'm a little biased, but the cupcake bar and cakes created by Miss Mamie's Cupcakes, Cakes and Such were the perfect touch (and taste) of sweetness for Ashley and Stephen's day. Since they had an afternoon wedding, they opted for these mini treats as well as cakes for them to cut--quelle mignonne! I always love seeing how Mamie crafts a custom cake for each couple and these fit Ashley and Stephen's personalities to a tee!

Ok, the secret is out! Since Ashley and Stephen had just a few sweet hours to celebrate with their guests and their grand getaway car took off early in the evening, we helped them devise a sneaky plan that allowed them to spend precious reception moments hugging and dancing AND get beautiful couple portraits. After they drove away to the shaking of pompoms, we met them at an undisclosed location a few blocks away to capture a few photos. 

And those first few "real" moments you have after leaving the reception when you realize you really did it and you're really husband and wife...that's what we were honored to photograph. 

Ashley and Stephen, what a wonderful way to end a sweet, sweet day! Congratulations you two!


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