Tuesday, May 29, 2012

mon-tues-day and better bed head.

Happy Mon-Tues-Day! If you're like me, I was nice and relaxed yesterday while listening to some amazing jazz in Piedmont Park, and then this morning I woke up to create my normal week outlook list and realized I have four days to do what normally happens in five!

But it's so worth it. And that's a deal breaker for me. Work, food or otherwise, if I can put it in the "worth it" category, I'm set to enjoy it. For those in the know (i.e. you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), you might have noticed an influx of ocean waves, fishing poles and one super cute niece experiencing her first beach trip last week (and if you're not a friend, follower and fellow coffee fiend, I'll try not to take too much offense...but really, let's be pals and share books and recipes!). 

My family had the most wonderful idea to meet up in Amelia Island for a week, and it could not have been a more refreshing and rejuvenating getaway. Even as I write this, I'm going through beach, family and bed head withdrawals. (I know you're thinking I can rock this sweet hairdo at will while working from home, but, truth be told, there was something about the volume I got from that salty water that just doesn't happen in the city.)

There was something so beautiful about the days we spent there. We woke up sans alarms to the glowing sun popping up over the Atlantic, never worried about putting on makeup and took turns cooking dinner for everyone. My toughest decision last week was whether I wanted to fish on the pier or spend time on the beach. I allowed myself to let go so much so that there were times I was sure I had no idea what day it was. 

What I did come to realize was that out of the six days we were there, the only time I used the front door was to load in my suitcase on day one. I haphazardly created this fantastic sanctuary for myself in which I closed the door to the "real world" and relished so many favored and familiar things. I savored morning coffee to the sound of waves crashing, the smell of sunscreen and salty sea air, and big family meals.

So as I re-enter my scheduled life, I may in fact post a few more photos from our trip a little later, but for now, I just wanted to say Happy Mon-tues-day! I hope you'll share this sentiment with me: We're down a day in our work week, but it was most definitely worth it and we will accomplish great things this week!


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