Sunday, June 10, 2012

jenny + zack married.

Zack describes Jenny's personality as mixed between a golden retriever and a border collie: she loves people and wants everyone to enjoy time together. Not only is this a perfect description of this bride, it's also a great representation of their wedding. Everything was so close, in fact, that just about everything for this wedding came from within a three-mile radius...including us!

Jenny grew up a local girl right down the street from where Bryan and I moved to after we got married. We knew we'd love working with her as soon as we met her and discovered her passion for all things local, green and handcrafted.  With a job at the Atlanta Beltline,  Jenny's involved in a great project to revitalize and recreate parts of the city and she wanted to continue these ideas to her own wedding. She and Zack worked hard to create the most sustainable and green wedding they possibly could in downtown Atlanta. Even their venue, the beautiful Cator Woolford Gardens, was a thoughtful choice as events in the gardens serve as a fundraiser for the children and adults with disabilities at the Frazer Center.

One of my favorite repurposed items from her wedding has to be the inventive programs she designed--they're upcycled from a myriad of cardboard product boxes the family had been saving and created by her talented maid of honor, Avis Wampler of Avie Designs here in Atlanta! You'll definitely want to scroll through this little taste of their day to check out all the details they infused into the big day. Plus, there's a lantern parade with a brass band. Enough said.

Frank and his team from Radial Cafe did an outstanding job with the food for this event. As Atlanta's only green restaurant association certified farm-to-table restaurant located less than a mile from the gardens, they were the perfect choice for this couple. Plus, the food was spectacular and so, so fresh!


Caterer: Radial Cafe
Printed items: Avie Designs
Entertainment: Sabor Brass Band

Jenny and Zack, we loved capturing this luminesce celebration of your love! We wish you all the best! (and perhaps we'll see you soon on the BeltLine!)


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