Thursday, June 28, 2012

jenna + kenny married.

If the Beatles were right, and Love is all you need, then these two have what it takes.

If there is one thing you get right away from knowing Jenna and Kenny, it's that they may not be serious people, but they are seriously in love with each other. After our playful and fun engagement session (where we only got a little damp), I had a full grasp on just how awesome this couple is and how much they just love being together. The excitement that surrounded their wedding day, and what it meant for these two, was so neat to watch unfold from behind my lens. And even though I'm a big fan of first looks, one of the most memorable parts of the day for me was seeing Jenna's reaction to sneaking a hold of her soon-to-be husband's hand from behind a wall. In this quiet and soft moment, all the anticipation and excitement of the day rushed over her at once as a few tears welled up in her eyes before a touch from her love calmed her soul. She knew that because she had him--that they had each other--everything was going to be just right. And isn't this what every girl dreams of?

While everyone was busy getting ready at the church, Bryan found this can of pencils and brought it to me. Since Jenna is an elementary school teacher it was perfect for a ring shot! 
(Love how he can read my mind like that.)

After grabbing a bite to eat, we're so glad Jenna and Kenny scheduled a little window of time for couple portraits. And since their reception was held at the beautiful Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw, all we had to do was take a few steps out of the back door for a scenic backdrop of the fairway. As the newlyweds got a few moments to themselves, it was fun to overhear their excitement over becoming husband and wife and Jenna explaining her surprise at hearing her new name being called out.

Jenna and Kenny, thank you both for the chance to capture such a beautiful day--surrounded by friends and family and full of love. We've loved getting to know you guys and wish you all the best! 
(p.s. Don't forget to give us a call the next time you're in the mood for horchatas again!)


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