Friday, June 1, 2012

sunshine, sea and sand.

Couldn't help but share a few more beach photos during this afternoon shower we're having. (It seems my beautiful and talented sister-in-law Vanessa had the same idea, so check out Chupp Photography's blog as well!) 

My family is so important to me. That's something you'll come to find. We're loving, supportive, adventurous and cheesy. Spending last week with them has my heart overflowing. And I know I'm fortunate to be able to say that. 

I spent my first morning on the beach with my awesome brother and niece. His family came all the way from Canada and it was so much fun watching Amelia dip her toes into the ocean for the first time. Following her first dip into the ocean were many happy dances by the water. Like father like daughter, this girl ran with reckless abandon towards the water and laughed heartily every time a wave approached. Such a great reminder of life's great anticipations and joys!

We spent all our time going from fishing to reading to riding waves. (rough life!) And one night we had a really fun low country boil out on the picnic table at the end of the pier. The wind was coming in strong off the water, but it felt great and I had no problem using whatever I could find lying around me to break open some delicious crab legs!

I may have mentioned before, but we're oh-so-fortunate to have a brother and sister-in-law who also work as photographers up in Ontario as Chupp Photography. Bryan and I often practice shoot on each other, but when I mentioned to Vanessa and Kyle that we never get photos of the two of us together, they were happy to suggest a little trade one morning as the sun rose. Here are a couple of fun photos of the photographers getting photographed:)
(thank you, guys!)

Happy Friday, y'all!



  1. Erin that was awesome! so excited to see some of those memories caught to look back at - didnt realize you got a bunch of those pictures - soo cool!

  2. I'm sneaky like that! But I could say the same to you guys:) Thanks again for the photos--how neat to have these treasures we never expected!